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Is There A Problem With Cleanliness In Our Hospitals?

HospitalNo matter where you are, a building’s cleanliness and working conditions are a major factor in its business. Nobody wants to go somewhere that is filthy or has a bad reputation for being unclean. What if this place is a hospital though? A surprising fact is that a quarter of nurses say they wouldn’t recommend their own hospital! While there are lots of reforms going on in the medical world, a lot of the attention is guided towards quality of care, cleanliness, and the overall upkeep of operating procedures.

Research in Canada has shown that a number of Canadian RNs are extremely unhappy with the way their hospital performs, and accordingly, they would not recommend their own hospital to their loved ones, friends, or anybody else. But perhaps the biggest issue is a lack of staff. The majority nurses observed and interviewed state that they operate understaffed and have to put in extra hours because people drop out left-and-right. This not only makes the nurse’s job harder, but also it puts the patient’s health in danger when there isn’t enough staff. Nurses go through a very hard process to get to where they are, especially nurse anesthetists, but the rigor of the path has never really been an issue because the working conditions are usually favorable. However, it appears that maybe this thinking is wrong. After all, most RNs are making $60,000 a year when a large majority of them put in close to 50-60 hours a week.

Perhaps a lack of staff can be accredited to the lack of cleanliness in the hospitals? It isn’t just dust, trash, and/or dirt that attributes to a hospital’s cleanliness, but their operating procedures as well. If a hospital is disorganized and a complete ruckus, it is labeled under the same category as a hospital who is physically filthy. However, the nurses out there that are putting in the overtime hours – they are the ones keeping the system up and running and they need to be applauded for their time. Hopefully in the coming years, after all of these reforms have gone through, we can see some real improvements in the way hospitals are ran and the overall cleanliness.