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joel chokehold on hunter

Paramedics Questioned In Doing Their Job After Man Dies In Police Hands

joel chokehold on hunterOne of the biggest stories of supposed police brutality came this year when a man, Eric Garner, was killed while being arrested. Garner, who stood at a lofty 6-foot 3-inches tall and over 300lbs, was arrested on suspicion of selling illegal cigarettes – a charge he has been quite familiar with as this was not the first time he had been arrested for selling them. A bystander shot a video of the altercation and what we saw was Garner claiming he was innocent and that he was not going to be arrested. Nevertheless, the officers jump on him and drag him onto the ground and into cuffs. The only problem is that one of the officers was seen putting Garner in a choke hold on the way to the ground. Even Garner himself was saying, “I can’t breath”, while being wrestled by the police. It also didn’t help that Garner had a bad case of asthma and probably should have been seeing a respiratory therapist for his breathing issues.

Because choke holds are not permissible by police policy, this case has been labeled as a misconduct where one man has died at the hands of police officers who weren’t doing their job correctly. But this doesn’t just stop here. The motionless Garner, who is predicted to have either died from asphyxiation or even a heart attack, was seen lying on the ground before the paramedics showed up. When they did, they checked his pulse, and loaded him into the ambulance. A bystander asked why no one was giving CPR to the motionless man, and an officer replied stating that he was breathing, but it’s clear – he was not.

The whole situation should have been handled in a better manner, but nevertheless, the paramedics who responded to the call are being accused of not doing their jobs correctly. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to a resuscitate a man who has died several minutes before you can get to the scene, but there should have definitely been an attempt to save the man’s life. With that said, paramedics don’t get paid their salary to clean up the police’s mess. The officer who applied the choke hold has been stripped of his gun and badge, while the other has been relegated to desk-work for the time being.