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Medical Imaging Techniques Expose Patients To High Levels of Radiation

DigitalImagingSometimes new technology can have unforeseeable backlashes. When x-ray technology was first invented, the use of radiation was a big mystery. We didn’t know a lot about it other than it is linked to nuclear weaponry. Now, we have managed to use x-ray technology every day in hospitals and other medical clinics, but we haven’t managed to make it completely healthy. Sure, getting one x-ray done isn’t going to hurt you, but the scary fact is that our exposure to radiation has grown roughly 600% over the last thirty-years with the majority of that coming in the form of medical imaging scans.

Most of the time when you go in for an x-ray, you don’t know the potential effects of being exposed to radiation – like cancer. For instance, women who get mammograms done are actually having their heart and breast tissue exposed to ionizing radiation and are harming their DNA. As customers, patients, and/or clients, we need to be more educated as to what we’re doing to our bodies when we visit a radiologist, or another medical professional. Radiologists get paid a whopping $300,000 a year on average; they should definitely know the potential effects of being exposed to radiation.

Another scary aspect of using radiation in the hospital environment is the excess of nuclear waste material. Hospitals, because they use medical imaging scans so often, are a major source of nuclear waste material. This material can be stolen and made into explosive devices! I bet you didn’t know that! This makes hospitals a prime target for terrorists who want to get their hands on material like that. In essence, hospitals could accidentally be arming terrorists with nuclear materials to make weapons and not even realize it!

Research has been shown to uncover the cause of the rising rates of leukemia and, surprisingly, the main cause of it was medical radiation – specifically x-rays. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an emergency or not, you should demand to know if getting an x-ray is completely mandatory to your health or not. If you’re taken by the EMTs, be sure to ask this question.