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Celebrating the birthday: Finding the perfect gift for my fiancé on his 25th Birthday

There are special days in our lives that we like to mark and celebrate. The most celebrated day is probably the birthday. This is because it is celebrated every year since one is born. The birthday is an important day since it reminds us when we were born and it is a significant milestone to show how long we have been on earth. Many people usually refer to this date when gauging their achievements or comparing things in relation to time.

Birthdays are usually celebrated in the presence of loved ones. Many communities use this as a time when family and friends can come together and celebrate the achievement of one of them attaining the growth of another year. Today the practice has been adopted in the work places with colleagues celebrating with the birthday boy or girl.

During the birthday celebrations, apart from the famous cake and the blowing of candles, one of the most prominent things that is usually done is the giving and receiving of gifts. The birthday celebrations are usually an ideal time when one can present gifts to a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a spouse. For many, this is the highlight of the occasion.

In a few days, my fiancé will be turning 25. I want to buy him the perfect gift for him to celebrate this important day. In the last three years we have been together, he has always known just what to buy for me on my birthdays whereas I have always seemed not to know exactly what to buy for him on his birthday. It is so hard to know what a man would really like. It seems that he has everything that he would like and so I have ended buying him odd things such as pen knives and other DIY stuff.

This year I believe I have one of the best gifts for him. My fiancé and I are great enthusiasts of metal music. Many times when we are in the car we blast metal music and go singing along. Actually, our mutual love for hard metal music and my fiancé’s extensive collection of metal music records was a major catalyst for our coming together.

A few months ago, while generally talking about stuff, my fiancé had mentioned how he had been a passionate guitar player in his teens but he had stopped playing when his acoustic guitar broke and he joined college. He had absent mindedly said that he would revive his passion.

This offhanded comment hand given me the idea of the perfect gift to buy for my fiancé. I would make sure I would buy for him an electric guitar, and not only that – the best guitar for metal.

Shopping for an electric guitar was not an easy thing especially since I did not want him to know what I was doing since I wanted it to be a surprise. Since I did not know any close friend who had any knowledge about electric guitars I decided to do my research in the internet. This is where I came across a fender starcaster review and found it to be the ideal guitar for metal and the perfect birthday gift for my fiancé.