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Advancement in technology and the consequent advancement in musical instruments and equipment

We all know that change cannot be avoided in any aspect of life. However, most of us deal with change the same way we deal with taxes and death; which is simply by postponing it for as long as we can. New innovations always herald the birth of an exciting period and we are definitely in an exciting time of technology advancement as has never been seen before. Here are some of the technological advancement that have really changed the landscape in the music scene.

For modern day music lovers it is unbelievable that there was a time when the electric bass guitar was not part of the band during performances. Before the 1950s, the double bass upright guitar was the only possible source of low end tones in a band. The double bass was a huge cumbersome instrument in contrast to the slim funky instrument that we now know. Emergence of some genres of music like the drum and bass and the dubstep can be attributed to the electric bass guitar.

The first electric guitars that were introduced in the 1930s were met with both disapproval and distrust from many people. Jazz players were the first to embrace the electric guitar and the volume of the guitars slowly pulled in more players.

On realizing the ability of the electric guitar to change guitarist from background members of a band to soloists and leads, many other guitarists in other genres of music quickly took up the electric guitar and the rest is history.

Today the electric guitar is a popular instrument that is common in many homes and bands. An epiphone wildcat review can reveal how far the electric guitar has come with the introduction of accessories like the Bigsby B70 vibrato that is able to bend chords or the pitch of a note.

The digital piano is another electrical instrument that has come a long way. Although not a complete substitute to the acoustic piano, the digital piano is able emulate the best acoustic piano sounds through electronic speakers. The digital piano also comes with added advantage of portability and versatility.

With a wide range of pianos to choose from, the best digital piano can be said to be one that has recording capabilities, allows plugging of other auxiliaries like the usb disk, has a wide range of effects, and allows composition of different tunes by the players.

When the electric guitars were first introduced, the blues and jazz guitarists wanted the sound so loud that the tube amps that were in use at the time started failing which distorted the sound. The guitarists soon became fond of this distorted gnarly tone and they started looking for ways to replicate it.

This led to the entry of the overdrive or distortion pedal whose main purpose was to allow achievement of a crunch, glorious sustain without having to increase the volume to a maximum. It is now possible to push an amplifier to the brink without necessarily turning up the amp volume.