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Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of acoustic guitars and electric guitars

The guitar is a very popular musical instrument. It falls under the family of stringed instruments which are instruments that produce sound when taut cords are strummed, plucked, picked, or tapped. There are two major types of guitars; the electric guitars and the acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitars are guitars that maintain the design of the original guitar. They produce sound when the strings are plucked and the sound is effectively amplified through amplification that is aided by acoustics. The acoustic guitar has a large hollow sound hole that is well designed to amplify the sound produced by the vibrating strings.

The electric guitars on the other hand are guitars which depend on electric technology to amplify and project their sound. The electric guitar has an almost similar design as compared to the acoustic guitar but the difference is that the electric guitar does not have the huge hollow sound hole for sound amplification. The electric guitar has an electric system that converts the vibrations of the guitar strings into electric signals and amplifies them to produce sound that can also be modified.

The fact that the acoustic guitar does not need electric power to play is a great advantage for the acoustic guitar. Due to this fact, one can play the acoustic guitar from places where there is no electric power such as in the outdoors. The acoustic guitar is also much simpler to use since one does not have to factor in the use of the extra accessories that are used when using the electric guitar.

Since one does not have to have numerous other accessories to use the acoustic guitar, the acoustic guitar is a better guitar for travel since when travelling with an acoustic guitar one does not have to drag along other numerous bulky items such as loud speakers and guitar amplifiers.

Electric guitars on the other hand are better musical instruments when it comes to producing a wider richer range of sound as compared to the acoustic guitar. The sound amplification system allows the guitarists to be able to put in some stylistic effects to the sound of their guitars. Some of these stylistic effects can be achieved through overdrive, distortion, and reverb.

Due to these stylistic effects and the power produced by electric guitars. The new crop of electric guitarists have been able to develop new music genres that include electric blues, rock and roll and hard metal variations.

Electric guitars are also considered to be easier to play as compared to the acoustic guitars. This is because one does not have to use a lot of effort in strumming the strings to produce the desired sounds that are audible enough. Many times guitar players, especially beginners develop blisters as they strum the strings of their acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitar enthusiasts claim that the electric guitars can never surpass the quality of a good acoustic guitar such as the famous seagull guitar.