Looking at the electric guitar; its origin, how it works, and its special features

The electric guitar is a music instrument that developed from an original guitar type which is the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar, despite being a quality and dependable musical instrument; had major challenges when it came to its sound amplification. The acoustic guitar sound could only travel so far and this greatly disadvantaged musicians trying to play for large audiences. The musicians could also not use acoustic guitars in large bands where the acoustic guitar sound would be drowned by the sound of louder instruments such as the drums and brass instruments.

Many attempts were made in trying to find the perfect solution for amplifying the guitar sound. Most of the solutions that the early scientists came up with could however not produce a sound that had the desired quality. The perfect solution was not found until 1931 when an electrical engineer and a musician were able to use electromagnetic technology to get the best amplification approach. This led to the birth of the electric guitar.

The electric guitar depends on electric amplification to produce audible sound. The vibrations of the guitar strings are picked by a gadget known as the guitar pick up. The guitar pickup converts the vibrations of the guitar strings into electromagnetic signals. These signals are then fed into a guitar amplifier where they are enhanced since at this time they are too weak to be picked by the human ear. The guitar amplification system then amplifies the signals and the amplified signals are fed to a loudspeaker.

The electric guitar therefore depends a great deal on the guitar pickups and the guitar amplifier. There are different types of guitar pickups that one can fit into an electric guitar. Different guitar pick-ups are more suitable for different types of music. For example, humbucker guitar pickups are generally good for hard metal music since they do not produce a hum and they are not affected by feedback – as experienced in single coil guitar pickups. To get the best guitar pickup for a guitar, one therefore needs to know exactly what kind of music they are going to play.

The other important accessory that is important in facilitating the use of an electric guitar is the guitar amplifier. As stated above, the electric signals produced by the guitar pickup are usually too low to produce audible sound when fed to the loudspeakers. As such, amplification is needed. There are special types of guitar amplifiers that are used specifically for electric guitars. Guitar amplifiers usually vary in terms of the extra sound management features they have. Different guitar amps also vary in terms of their output capacities.

Traditionally, guitarists have always depended on using wire cables to connect the guitar to the guitar amp. Today guitarists can however use wireless guitar systems. The best wireless guitar systems can transmit quality signals over a long distance without interruption. Wireless guitar systems are however not as reliable as wire cables and many guitarists still prefer using wired systems during their performances.