Your Future In Medicine

Exploring New Directions In Medicine

Your Future In Medicine

Where is traditional medicine headed? We can only expect to see facilities continue to develop as long as technology plays a pivotal role. While we’ve come a long way in treating disease we can only wonder where medicine is going from here. It wasn’t many years ago that we always had to go to the doctor’s office to treat a small cold. As of today when we need our healthcare questions answered we turn to the internet. We can even interact with other people through the World Wide Web and talk about our own conditions, symptoms, remedies etc. Is it possible that devices such as our own cellphones will be able to evolve medicine and somewhat play the role of the Doctor?

Artificial Intelligence and the direction of medicine go hand in hand with one another. Devices analyze patients and can tell whether or not a prescription is having a positive or negative effect on a patient. The cost of using technology to take care of some of these duties is going down as well. It is becoming more and more affordable to be able to learn more about conditions, see differences in DNA and compare disease. There are software programs that can actually create DNA and even create new prescription drugs. While this can be extremely helpful in most instances keep in mind that there is always a con.

With the ability to study and create quickly it may also create new organisms that are somewhat dangerous to the people. There are risks involved in creating new medicine if the person designing it does not have the utmost understanding of how cells and DNA work. Over the years medicine has transformed into information technology; we can only predict that it’s going to become easier and easier for us to be able to diagnose ourselves.

Regardless of how fast technology is moving we are still in charge of our own health. The habits that we practice are often the most accurate way to prevent conditions unless it is natural disease or hereditary. If we are able to practice good habits and not rely on the advancement of technology or medicine it seems as if these innovations will only enrich the lives of those who are faced with health problems.

It is very possible that the role of the doctor or physician is going to change over the years. Medical schools discuss how the Doctors of the future should be trained today. Some discuss that we should rebuild medical schools from the ground up. What will our healthcare system look like in the year 2020? The traditional curriculum built for medical students is now changing as it prepares the students for long term care.

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