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Looking at the electric guitar; its origin, how it works, and its special features

The electric guitar is a music instrument that developed from an original guitar type which is the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar, despite being a quality and dependable musical instrument; had major challenges when it came to its sound amplification. The acoustic guitar sound could only travel so far and this greatly disadvantaged musicians trying to play for large audiences. The musicians could also not use acoustic guitars in large bands where the acoustic guitar sound would be drowned by the sound of louder instruments such as the drums and brass instruments.

Many attempts were made in trying to find the perfect solution for amplifying the guitar sound. Most of the solutions that the early scientists came up with could however not produce a sound that had the desired quality. The perfect solution was not found until 1931 when an electrical engineer and a musician were able to use electromagnetic technology to get the best amplification approach. This led to the birth of the electric guitar.

The electric guitar depends on electric amplification to produce audible sound. The vibrations of the guitar strings are picked by a gadget known as the guitar pick up. The guitar pickup converts the vibrations of the guitar strings into electromagnetic signals. These signals are then fed into a guitar amplifier where they are enhanced since at this time they are too weak to be picked by the human ear. The guitar amplification system then amplifies the signals and the amplified signals are fed to a loudspeaker.

The electric guitar therefore depends a great deal on the guitar pickups and the guitar amplifier. There are different types of guitar pickups that one can fit into an electric guitar. Different guitar pick-ups are more suitable for different types of music. For example, humbucker guitar pickups are generally good for hard metal music since they do not produce a hum and they are not affected by feedback – as experienced in single coil guitar pickups. To get the best guitar pickup for a guitar, one therefore needs to know exactly what kind of music they are going to play.

The other important accessory that is important in facilitating the use of an electric guitar is the guitar amplifier. As stated above, the electric signals produced by the guitar pickup are usually too low to produce audible sound when fed to the loudspeakers. As such, amplification is needed. There are special types of guitar amplifiers that are used specifically for electric guitars. Guitar amplifiers usually vary in terms of the extra sound management features they have. Different guitar amps also vary in terms of their output capacities.

Traditionally, guitarists have always depended on using wire cables to connect the guitar to the guitar amp. Today guitarists can however use wireless guitar systems. The best wireless guitar systems can transmit quality signals over a long distance without interruption. Wireless guitar systems are however not as reliable as wire cables and many guitarists still prefer using wired systems during their performances.


Celebrating the birthday: Finding the perfect gift for my fiancé on his 25th Birthday

There are special days in our lives that we like to mark and celebrate. The most celebrated day is probably the birthday. This is because it is celebrated every year since one is born. The birthday is an important day since it reminds us when we were born and it is a significant milestone to show how long we have been on earth. Many people usually refer to this date when gauging their achievements or comparing things in relation to time.

Birthdays are usually celebrated in the presence of loved ones. Many communities use this as a time when family and friends can come together and celebrate the achievement of one of them attaining the growth of another year. Today the practice has been adopted in the work places with colleagues celebrating with the birthday boy or girl.

During the birthday celebrations, apart from the famous cake and the blowing of candles, one of the most prominent things that is usually done is the giving and receiving of gifts. The birthday celebrations are usually an ideal time when one can present gifts to a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a spouse. For many, this is the highlight of the occasion.

In a few days, my fiancé will be turning 25. I want to buy him the perfect gift for him to celebrate this important day. In the last three years we have been together, he has always known just what to buy for me on my birthdays whereas I have always seemed not to know exactly what to buy for him on his birthday. It is so hard to know what a man would really like. It seems that he has everything that he would like and so I have ended buying him odd things such as pen knives and other DIY stuff.

This year I believe I have one of the best gifts for him. My fiancé and I are great enthusiasts of metal music. Many times when we are in the car we blast metal music and go singing along. Actually, our mutual love for hard metal music and my fiancé’s extensive collection of metal music records was a major catalyst for our coming together.

A few months ago, while generally talking about stuff, my fiancé had mentioned how he had been a passionate guitar player in his teens but he had stopped playing when his acoustic guitar broke and he joined college. He had absent mindedly said that he would revive his passion.

This offhanded comment hand given me the idea of the perfect gift to buy for my fiancé. I would make sure I would buy for him an electric guitar, and not only that – the best guitar for metal.

Shopping for an electric guitar was not an easy thing especially since I did not want him to know what I was doing since I wanted it to be a surprise. Since I did not know any close friend who had any knowledge about electric guitars I decided to do my research in the internet. This is where I came across a fender starcaster review and found it to be the ideal guitar for metal and the perfect birthday gift for my fiancé.


Guidelines to remember when choosing the best guitar amplifiers

For a guitarist to put up a performance that brings out their very best, they have to be accompanied by sound components of the very best quality. A good combination of instruments is one that inspires you and ends up pulling the very best out of you.

Musical accessories are meant to accessorize a performance and the better the design and composition of the musical equipment, the better the result. Here are some tips that will assist you in choosing the best guitar amplifiers for your band.

One of the biggest mistakes commonly committed by many guitarists is testing an amplifier that they intend to buy using a guitar that is different to their personal guitar. This may lead to untold frustration when they finally plug in their guitar to the new amp only to find that the sound produced is no longer the lively and sparkly sound that they were attracted to initially but rather a dull low sound due to compatibility issues.

When playing in a band, distortion is generated from three main sources which are distinct. This are the preamps, speakers and the power amplifier. When in the process of choosing the best guitar amplifiers for the band, all this components should be tested. This is often not the case because most of the time the distortion of the power amp is normally overlooked. Power amp distortion should be tested by turning the levels of the master volume to the highest point and subsequently reducing the gain all the way down. A lively and crispy sound should be the result of this test.

Speakers are an integral part of an amplifier and the same attention given to an amplifier’s wattage should also be given to the speakers. Different sizes of speakers produce distinct characteristics of tone that are far apart in the resultant sound. Just like a pair of pants brings out the body shape of a person, so does cabinet’s design bring out the tonal characteristic of an amplifier. This is the reason why a small speaker in a closed cabinet measuring 4 inches by 10 inches may end up producing a heavier low pitched sound than a 15 inch speaker fitted in a cabinet that has an open back.

While distortion and volume may be the main considerations, it’s important to consider the kind of effects that your amplifier should have. While to one group of guitarists the best guitar amplifiers are those that have effects that are built into the amplifiers, others prefer amplifiers that have external effects which are flexible and can be changed using foot pedals.

Finally, a crunch is a characteristic of distortion that is produced by speakers that are overdriven. A lot of guitarists and music enthusiasts like this kind of distortion which can be tested by dialing a setting that is clean and then turning the volume knob to the highest possible point. If the sound produced is rich, in harmony, and defined when the speakers begin to distort, then that is a good amplifier for you.


A deeper look at this awesome electric guitar; the Epiphone dot guitar

Many guitar players basically want a guitar that sounds good, is easy to use, attractive, well-constructed, and one that will not push one into breaking the bank to afford it. The Epiphone dot electric guitar which is based on the popular and timeless Gibson ES 335, is a gem that tops the list in this category of guitars that not only produce a superb sound but are also pocket friendly.

Not only is its appearance cool, but it is also very versatile with a wide range of tones that are easy to hit. Below are some of the features that set the Epiphone dot guitar apart from its peers;

On purchasing the Epiphone dot guitar, a buyer is met with a well constructed guitar that is quite solid. It has a well-balanced weight. Its center section is made of maple rather than solid wood.  Its joints have a solid feel and a look that portrays a high level of workmanship that is meant to ensure many years of service. A closer look at the rose wood fingerboard reveals dots that give this guitar its name. The dots are well placed between medium frets that are 22 in number.

Attached to the chrome plated hardware are two humbugger pickups that are designed by Epiphone but are manufactured in Korea. Other features include good-looking machine heads, a tailpiece and a tune-O-matic bridge. The Epiphone dot electric guitar offers its users a variety of color options to choose from ranging from ebony, cherry sunburst, vintage sunburst and the cherry. All the electronic parts that are fitted on this guitar are quite solid and dependable and do not require changing

With its semi acoustic body, the Epiphone dot electric guitar is comfortable and can be easily played while seated or while standing. Due to its neck, which has a width of 43mm and a C-shaped profile that increases in depth towards the tip of the neck, the Epiphone Dot guitar has a solid vintage feel. Although it is fitted with strings that are heavy, it is quite versatile and can be used for a wide range of music genres. It is fitted with a user friendly nut that does not have glitches. This is a necessary factor that is often overlooked in other guitars in this category.

With the Epiphone dot guitar, one does not need a digital piano to learn to play a musical instrument. The Epiphone dot guitar is easy to learn even for beginners.

The Epiphone dot’s semi hollow body coupled with the maple body produces a sweet acoustic tone that is really versatile.  Its versatility is particularly demonstrated by its tone controls which allow predictable and smooth roll off of the treble frequency. A muddy tone can also be achieved by setting the tone to a low pitch. All the controls fitted on this guitar together with the switch are particularly responsive

On close scrutiny and comparison, an Epiphone dot review shows that it is among the most fairly priced guitars for beginners while it can be easily valued at twice its cost. Whether strapped on a shoulder or when at rest on a wall, it has a beautiful appearance that is bound to make heads turn and can easily be described as a best buy.


Advancement in technology and the consequent advancement in musical instruments and equipment

We all know that change cannot be avoided in any aspect of life. However, most of us deal with change the same way we deal with taxes and death; which is simply by postponing it for as long as we can. New innovations always herald the birth of an exciting period and we are definitely in an exciting time of technology advancement as has never been seen before. Here are some of the technological advancement that have really changed the landscape in the music scene.

For modern day music lovers it is unbelievable that there was a time when the electric bass guitar was not part of the band during performances. Before the 1950s, the double bass upright guitar was the only possible source of low end tones in a band. The double bass was a huge cumbersome instrument in contrast to the slim funky instrument that we now know. Emergence of some genres of music like the drum and bass and the dubstep can be attributed to the electric bass guitar.

The first electric guitars that were introduced in the 1930s were met with both disapproval and distrust from many people. Jazz players were the first to embrace the electric guitar and the volume of the guitars slowly pulled in more players.

On realizing the ability of the electric guitar to change guitarist from background members of a band to soloists and leads, many other guitarists in other genres of music quickly took up the electric guitar and the rest is history.

Today the electric guitar is a popular instrument that is common in many homes and bands. An epiphone wildcat review can reveal how far the electric guitar has come with the introduction of accessories like the Bigsby B70 vibrato that is able to bend chords or the pitch of a note.

The digital piano is another electrical instrument that has come a long way. Although not a complete substitute to the acoustic piano, the digital piano is able emulate the best acoustic piano sounds through electronic speakers. The digital piano also comes with added advantage of portability and versatility.

With a wide range of pianos to choose from, the best digital piano can be said to be one that has recording capabilities, allows plugging of other auxiliaries like the usb disk, has a wide range of effects, and allows composition of different tunes by the players.

When the electric guitars were first introduced, the blues and jazz guitarists wanted the sound so loud that the tube amps that were in use at the time started failing which distorted the sound. The guitarists soon became fond of this distorted gnarly tone and they started looking for ways to replicate it.

This led to the entry of the overdrive or distortion pedal whose main purpose was to allow achievement of a crunch, glorious sustain without having to increase the volume to a maximum. It is now possible to push an amplifier to the brink without necessarily turning up the amp volume.


Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of acoustic guitars and electric guitars

The guitar is a very popular musical instrument. It falls under the family of stringed instruments which are instruments that produce sound when taut cords are strummed, plucked, picked, or tapped. There are two major types of guitars; the electric guitars and the acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitars are guitars that maintain the design of the original guitar. They produce sound when the strings are plucked and the sound is effectively amplified through amplification that is aided by acoustics. The acoustic guitar has a large hollow sound hole that is well designed to amplify the sound produced by the vibrating strings.

The electric guitars on the other hand are guitars which depend on electric technology to amplify and project their sound. The electric guitar has an almost similar design as compared to the acoustic guitar but the difference is that the electric guitar does not have the huge hollow sound hole for sound amplification. The electric guitar has an electric system that converts the vibrations of the guitar strings into electric signals and amplifies them to produce sound that can also be modified.

The fact that the acoustic guitar does not need electric power to play is a great advantage for the acoustic guitar. Due to this fact, one can play the acoustic guitar from places where there is no electric power such as in the outdoors. The acoustic guitar is also much simpler to use since one does not have to factor in the use of the extra accessories that are used when using the electric guitar.

Since one does not have to have numerous other accessories to use the acoustic guitar, the acoustic guitar is a better guitar for travel since when travelling with an acoustic guitar one does not have to drag along other numerous bulky items such as loud speakers and guitar amplifiers.

Electric guitars on the other hand are better musical instruments when it comes to producing a wider richer range of sound as compared to the acoustic guitar. The sound amplification system allows the guitarists to be able to put in some stylistic effects to the sound of their guitars. Some of these stylistic effects can be achieved through overdrive, distortion, and reverb.

Due to these stylistic effects and the power produced by electric guitars. The new crop of electric guitarists have been able to develop new music genres that include electric blues, rock and roll and hard metal variations.

Electric guitars are also considered to be easier to play as compared to the acoustic guitars. This is because one does not have to use a lot of effort in strumming the strings to produce the desired sounds that are audible enough. Many times guitar players, especially beginners develop blisters as they strum the strings of their acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitar enthusiasts claim that the electric guitars can never surpass the quality of a good acoustic guitar such as the famous seagull guitar.


Using music and musical appliances to keep guests entertained in a social event

Hosting a home social event can be fun but it also has several challenges. In planning for a home event one has to make several considerations which will determine whether the event will be a success or not. Some of the things that usually determine the success or failure of any social event include aspects such as the food, the entertainment, the decoration and setting of the venue, the skills of the host and the crowd itself.

Many times we put a lot of emphasis on the outstanding aspects such as food in trying to ensure that we have a joyous event but we should also put equal amount of effort and concentration on the other aspects as well. One of the most important things to consider in any event you host today is the kind of entertainment in form of music that you will provide at your event.

Music has grown to be major form of entertainment that has become an aspect that just has to be included to make any social event lively and memorable. One has to however be very careful when choosing the type of music to entertain the guests with. In most instances, the age group of the guests and the occasion will dictate the type of music that one can play during the event.

The music entertainment provided at any function can either be recorded music or live music. Many people prefer to use recorded music since it is easy to manage and it is often cheap. However, many people find live music to be more appealing and memorable. This is especially the case if the performer is an artist who is at the time very popular and topping the charts.

For the event organizer, one has to consider the music equipment to be used to facilitate a live performance. If it is a small gathering that is held indoors, many musical instruments such as acoustic guitars will not need extra amplification. However if the crowd is big or the venue is in the outdoors one might need to have some amplifiers for the acoustic guitars.

In entertaining the guests, one can also lead them into musical games. These games usually include song and the event organizer needs to identify someone to lead the songs if the host will not be able to. The musical games will usually vary depending on the guests’ age group. The younger the age group, the more playful and more energetic the games can be.

One of the most popular musical games that is incorporated into social events is karaoke singing. For a small event, one can use a home karaoke machine which the guests can use to sing along to the recorded songs. Using this machine one can also organize a karaoke singing competition where the winners can be awarded a prize.

Such competitions are very good for team building exercises for corporate companies and organizations.