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Brain Health Improved by Incorporating Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Brain Health Improved by Incorporating Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Brain Health Improved by Incorporating Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It’s no shock that the food you consume has a direct correlation to your health – duh, this is common knowledge. Generally, those who choose to eat poorly will have poor health unless they can make up for it by exercising a lot, but even then, your diet is everything. Not only is your diet key to a health physique, but recent studies have shown that your diet is also key to a strong mental health as well. This gives the term “food for thought” some content now!

When you take a look at mental disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and even depression, you often think that these come randomly and can happen to anybody or they are a result of past experiences. While this all may be true, there is a dietary explanation as well. For one, studies have shown that the majority of those who suffer from mental disorders all suffer from a malnourished diet – generally a deficiency in Omega-3. Omega-3 (docosahexaenoic acid) is a fatty acid commonly found in cold-water fish like cod, salmon, and herring. Omega-3 is referred to as one of the most important parts of optimal brain function because your brain contains such a high concentration of it. You can almost think of Omega-3 as the fuel that keeps your brain running smoothly.

Omega-3 is also very crucial in fetal development. Pregnant women for instance need to consume a lot of Omega-3 or else the fetus could potentially develop mental disorders inside the womb. It should also be no surprise that a lot of prescriptions that doctors give out contain high amounts of Omega-3. Doctors get paid nearly $190,000 a year on average, and often times see patients who have some sort of neurological issue. While the doctor will most likely refer the patient to a neurologist, who makes on average about $200,000 a year, chances are the neurologist will prescribe the same thing. In the medical field, where there are so many different moving parts, it is important that professionals communicate together with one another. Omega-3 seems to be a lacking ingredient in so many people’s diets, so hopefully whoever you see, whether it’s a doctor or someone else, can make sure you’re no going to be a victim of a mental complication.

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Is There A Problem With Cleanliness In Our Hospitals?

HospitalNo matter where you are, a building’s cleanliness and working conditions are a major factor in its business. Nobody wants to go somewhere that is filthy or has a bad reputation for being unclean. What if this place is a hospital though? A surprising fact is that a quarter of nurses say they wouldn’t recommend their own hospital! While there are lots of reforms going on in the medical world, a lot of the attention is guided towards quality of care, cleanliness, and the overall upkeep of operating procedures.

Research in Canada has shown that a number of Canadian RNs are extremely unhappy with the way their hospital performs, and accordingly, they would not recommend their own hospital to their loved ones, friends, or anybody else. But perhaps the biggest issue is a lack of staff. The majority nurses observed and interviewed state that they operate understaffed and have to put in extra hours because people drop out left-and-right. This not only makes the nurse’s job harder, but also it puts the patient’s health in danger when there isn’t enough staff. Nurses go through a very hard process to get to where they are, especially nurse anesthetists, but the rigor of the path has never really been an issue because the working conditions are usually favorable. However, it appears that maybe this thinking is wrong. After all, most RNs are making $60,000 a year when a large majority of them put in close to 50-60 hours a week.

Perhaps a lack of staff can be accredited to the lack of cleanliness in the hospitals? It isn’t just dust, trash, and/or dirt that attributes to a hospital’s cleanliness, but their operating procedures as well. If a hospital is disorganized and a complete ruckus, it is labeled under the same category as a hospital who is physically filthy. However, the nurses out there that are putting in the overtime hours – they are the ones keeping the system up and running and they need to be applauded for their time. Hopefully in the coming years, after all of these reforms have gone through, we can see some real improvements in the way hospitals are ran and the overall cleanliness.


Medical Imaging Techniques Expose Patients To High Levels of Radiation

DigitalImagingSometimes new technology can have unforeseeable backlashes. When x-ray technology was first invented, the use of radiation was a big mystery. We didn’t know a lot about it other than it is linked to nuclear weaponry. Now, we have managed to use x-ray technology every day in hospitals and other medical clinics, but we haven’t managed to make it completely healthy. Sure, getting one x-ray done isn’t going to hurt you, but the scary fact is that our exposure to radiation has grown roughly 600% over the last thirty-years with the majority of that coming in the form of medical imaging scans.

Most of the time when you go in for an x-ray, you don’t know the potential effects of being exposed to radiation – like cancer. For instance, women who get mammograms done are actually having their heart and breast tissue exposed to ionizing radiation and are harming their DNA. As customers, patients, and/or clients, we need to be more educated as to what we’re doing to our bodies when we visit a radiologist, or another medical professional. Radiologists get paid a whopping $300,000 a year on average; they should definitely know the potential effects of being exposed to radiation.

Another scary aspect of using radiation in the hospital environment is the excess of nuclear waste material. Hospitals, because they use medical imaging scans so often, are a major source of nuclear waste material. This material can be stolen and made into explosive devices! I bet you didn’t know that! This makes hospitals a prime target for terrorists who want to get their hands on material like that. In essence, hospitals could accidentally be arming terrorists with nuclear materials to make weapons and not even realize it!

Research has been shown to uncover the cause of the rising rates of leukemia and, surprisingly, the main cause of it was medical radiation – specifically x-rays. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an emergency or not, you should demand to know if getting an x-ray is completely mandatory to your health or not. If you’re taken by the EMTs, be sure to ask this question.

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Poor Nutrition Linked To Oral Problems Down The Line

good dietWho would have thought that the things we consume can have an affect on oral health? While it may seem obvious, many of us go through our lives completely oblivious to our oral health. Dentists get paid their six-figure salaries because so many just aren’t willing to pay close attention to keeping their teeth clean and strong. But besides brushing and flossing daily, you can improve your oral health by simply eating a good diet!

Some of the science comes down to more of what you don’t eat rather than what you do eat. First of all, lots of sugary foods are a big no-no when it comes to the health of your teeth. Glucose is a very sticky substance and it likes to stick onto your teeth; sometimes no matter how much your brush or floss, you could have sugary residue on your teeth for weeks – this is why I highly recommend visiting your dentist for just a simple cleaning quite often (maybe once every other month). Or, you can just start eating lots of cranberries and raising. These two fruits contain high amounts of polyphenols which prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth.

Calcium is something that all of us, Americans especially, don’t consume enough of. Calcium keeps our bones healthy and strong and since our teeth are bones too, calcium directly affects our oral health. Drinking lots of milk is the easiest way to make sure your body has enough calcium. Then we get to vegetables; especially celery and carrots. These are important because they are loaded with antioxidants which can almost take the place of brushing your teeth because they help break of up plaque – but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The point is, you don’t want to have to be visiting the hospital when you’re older. Dental health has been directly related to the health of your heart, and even your brain. Those who don’t take their of their teeth are more likely to end up being taken care of by a medical assistant in their future – so don’t be that person. Take care of your teeth.


Dental X-Rays Shown To Possibly Cause Brain Tumors

MeningiomaIt’s a pretty well known fact that being overexposed to radiation can have long-lasting, potentially harmful effects on your body; however, maybe you didn’t know exactly how common it is to be affected by radiation – particularly in the form of x-rays. Having an x-ray taken of you seems like a very harmless thing; it doesn’t hurt, you don’t feel your insides burning up under the pressure of the radiation, etc., but x-rays can cause meningioma. Meningioma is a non-cancerous tumor that forms in the meninges, which is the area of membrane that surrounds your spinal cord. Some common symptoms of meningioma can come by way of pounding headaches, a sudden decrease in vision, and even speech impediments.

So who is at risk of developing menginioma? Well, for once, those who receive bite-wing exams are commonly the most at-risk people. Orthodontists, who make $190,000 a year on average, will use bite-wing exams to take a look at your teeth and their structure, but those who have had a bite-wing exam are about twice as likely to develop menginioma. Furthermore, the panorex exam is another one to watch out for; panorex exams are when the orthodontist or dental assistant uses an external device to take the x-ray. Those who have panorex exams are three times as likely to develop a non-cancerous tumor.

But adults aren’t the only ones who are at risk of developing meningioma, in fact, children are even more susceptible because of how sensitive their cells are to radiation. Kids who are under 10 years of age should definitely take caution when getting x-rays done, especially if its multiple times a year. However, it should be noted that this subject is still being researched and should therefore regarded as an early observation.

So what can you do? Well, first of all, you should definitely make sure that the x-ray you’re getting is completely mandatory. Ask your x-ray technician if the x-ray is crucial to your appointment and/or your potential condition. X-ray technicians make about $60,000 a year on average, so if you cancel your appointment, I don’t think they will mind all too much.

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Could A Healthy Back Prevent Heart Problems?

healthy backThe chiropractic field has become one of the quickest growing medical fields over the past few decades. Either our backs are getting weaker and weaker, or maybe we’re just not being quite as careful as we should be. Nevertheless, the chiropractic field has grown to the point where chiropractors are in high demand. With so much more attention being given to this field, it opens it up to new discoveries. One of the biggest discoveries made in the chiropractic came when it was observed that your back health could be a tell to the health of your heart.

This may seem crazy, but it is true. One of the tells that you could be having a heart attack in the near future is a sudden back pain. In fact, it’s a general rule of thumb that, as a chiropractor, you can expect to have at least one or two patients in your life career suffer a heart attack. This is why visiting your chiropractor is so important! Not only can he/she reduce the pain in your back, but by going through regular chiropractic work you can even reduce the chance of heart attacks, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and overall improve the health of your entire cardiovascular system.

The medical world is pretty much a giant machine with a lot of moving parts in it. Because there are so many different fields, it is crucial that these fields communicate and work together so stuff like this can be brought to light. For instance, cardiologists who see patients who are prone to having a heart attack should definitely recommend chiropractors and even some top occupational therapists to work with patients so they don’t become the next victim of a heart attack.

Paying attention to your body and your health is a very important aspect of life that many of us are bad at. Your body will give you signs that you are under too much stress, not eating correctly, or even that you’re being too active. Whatever the case may be, listen to your body and look for signs. If you find that you’re suddenly having back problems, troubles breathing, or have chest pain, and your at the age where you’re prone to heart attacks – go see medical help.

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Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age By Keeping Your Teeth Healthy!

Woman mouthOur bodies work in weird ways. While we are all different in so many forms, our bodies do remain fairly consistent in the aspect of health. What is healthy, is healthy. There is no exception when it comes to the maintenance of your body and even though others can tolerate more, your health should be a real priority. While health is an extremely important aspect of life that you should stay in control of, it also becomes a bit of peculiarity. A great example of this is how your teeth and brain are connection.

Believe it or not, but the health of your brain seems somewhat connected to the health of your teeth. While there is no proven connection, studies have been conducted where those who have poor teeth health also have poor mental health. For example, a study conducted by the Columbia University Medical Center examined over two thousand people, both men and women, over the age of 60 and found that those who had bad gum disease (periodontitis) also had troubles with their memory; this took form when they were given three words to remember for a period of time, and failed to remember what those three words were.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, nobody is really true. The link between your mental health and your teeth health remains subtle at best. No, if you go a week without brushing your teeth you will not have a stroke. However, inflammation, infections, and other medical issues with your oral health can result in an increased risk of a variety of medical complications including heart disease, strokes, and even respiratory problems.

If you are involved in the medical world then you might find this to be particularly interesting. For instance, neurosurgeons could really find this information useful and I expect that, in the coming years, neurosurgeons will have much more communication with professionals in the dental industry. I can see neurosurgeons communicating with people like dental assistants and seeing personal files to see if a potential lapse in mental health could be connected with dental too.