A deeper look at this awesome electric guitar; the Epiphone dot guitar

Many guitar players basically want a guitar that sounds good, is easy to use, attractive, well-constructed, and one that will not push one into breaking the bank to afford it. The Epiphone dot electric guitar which is based on the popular and timeless Gibson ES 335, is a gem that tops the list in this category of guitars that not only produce a superb sound but are also pocket friendly.

Not only is its appearance cool, but it is also very versatile with a wide range of tones that are easy to hit. Below are some of the features that set the Epiphone dot guitar apart from its peers;

On purchasing the Epiphone dot guitar, a buyer is met with a well constructed guitar that is quite solid. It has a well-balanced weight. Its center section is made of maple rather than solid wood.  Its joints have a solid feel and a look that portrays a high level of workmanship that is meant to ensure many years of service. A closer look at the rose wood fingerboard reveals dots that give this guitar its name. The dots are well placed between medium frets that are 22 in number.

Attached to the chrome plated hardware are two humbugger pickups that are designed by Epiphone but are manufactured in Korea. Other features include good-looking machine heads, a tailpiece and a tune-O-matic bridge. The Epiphone dot electric guitar offers its users a variety of color options to choose from ranging from ebony, cherry sunburst, vintage sunburst and the cherry. All the electronic parts that are fitted on this guitar are quite solid and dependable and do not require changing

With its semi acoustic body, the Epiphone dot electric guitar is comfortable and can be easily played while seated or while standing. Due to its neck, which has a width of 43mm and a C-shaped profile that increases in depth towards the tip of the neck, the Epiphone Dot guitar has a solid vintage feel. Although it is fitted with strings that are heavy, it is quite versatile and can be used for a wide range of music genres. It is fitted with a user friendly nut that does not have glitches. This is a necessary factor that is often overlooked in other guitars in this category.

With the Epiphone dot guitar, one does not need a digital piano to learn to play a musical instrument. The Epiphone dot guitar is easy to learn even for beginners.

The Epiphone dot’s semi hollow body coupled with the maple body produces a sweet acoustic tone that is really versatile.  Its versatility is particularly demonstrated by its tone controls which allow predictable and smooth roll off of the treble frequency. A muddy tone can also be achieved by setting the tone to a low pitch. All the controls fitted on this guitar together with the switch are particularly responsive

On close scrutiny and comparison, an Epiphone dot review shows that it is among the most fairly priced guitars for beginners while it can be easily valued at twice its cost. Whether strapped on a shoulder or when at rest on a wall, it has a beautiful appearance that is bound to make heads turn and can easily be described as a best buy.