Constructing Life and Death

Constructing Life and Death

As an architect, you’d design the interiors and exteriors of buildings where people live, work, shop and play. The following chart provides an overview about this career. As an architect, your designs must balance competing needs for functionality, safety, aesthetic value and cost efficiency. From initial client discussions to final delivery, you’ll be involved in every phase of a project, and you’d therefore need knowledge of engineering along with solid communication, management and supervisory skills.

Architecture degree programs are available at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels. Architects typically earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree before beginning their professional careers, but you have some flexibility in how you can proceed. With an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree you are able to work entry-level positions, such as a drafter. To become a licensed architect, you’ll need a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Professional degrees include the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) and the Master of Architecture. A doctoral degree qualifies you for research and postsecondary teaching positions.

If possible, start preparing for your architecture education in high school. Courses in geometry, algebra, pre-calculus and physics develop your skills with mathematical precision. Courses in the arts and humanities may develop your aesthetic sensibility. Much of modern architecture is designed using computer-aided design (CAD) programs, so familiarity with technology and computers will be helpful.

Before you’re eligible for state licensing, you’ll need to complete a training period under the supervision of a licensed architect. Most training periods last three years, and most architecture program graduates meet the obligation by working an internship.

Constructing Death

Being a funeral director is very challenging. The phone rings at 3 AM in the morning with a hospice nurse on the other end of the line telling you that so-and-so has died, that so-and-so’s family is requesting your services and that the family of so-and-so is ready for you to come and pick up so-and-so. The phone rings at 6 PM the next day. Someone needs to see so-and-so … he simply can’t believe so-and-so is dead and must come to the funeral home at once to see so-and-so.

While those of us who stay in this business do so because we love serving people, the lack of personal boundaries can lead to depression. Depression, because my son’s baseball game was at 6 PM, but somebody in so-and-so’s family needed to see so-and-so this very minute. Depression because the emotional needs of others somehow always trump my personal life needs. And all of a sudden “I’m not a good father” and “I’m not happy with my life.”

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The Benefits of Helping People and Animals

The Benefits of Helping People and Animals

Animal lovers are often drawn to a career in veterinary medicine. Veterinarians work with animals every day diagnosing and treating animals of all types. No day is the same for a veterinarian and each animal patient will bring a new challenge and reward. Consider all of the positive and negative features of being a veterinarian before beginning a career in veterinary medicine.

A high salary is one of the positive features of being a veterinarian. Although the median salary for all workers was $33,840 in 2010, veterinarians earned $83,040 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The 10 percent of veterinarians who were highest paid earned more than $145,230 per year. In addition to earning a high salary, veterinarians enjoy expanding opportunities as the field is expected to grow faster than average. Overall employment for veterinarians is expected by the BLS to grow by 36 percent between 2010 and 2020.

Veterinarians seldom enjoy a typical 40-hour work week. Animal emergencies occur at all hours of the day, so veterinarians often work long hours that include nights, weekends and holidays. According to the BLS, more than 25 percent of veterinarians worked more than 50 hours a week in 2010.

Practicing veterinary medicine can be very emotional. Veterinarians witness firsthand when animals are sick and suffering. In some cases, you will not be able to save the animal you are working with. In addition, you will have to speak with concerned and emotional pet owners. This can be stressful and have a negative emotional impact. On the other hand, you will experience rewarding, positive emotional feedback when you successfully bring an animal back to health or deliver healthy babies.

Healing Hearts

Electrocardiograph (EKG) technicians, also known as cardiographic or electrocardiogram technicians, perform diagnostic tests to aid doctors in identifying and treating cardiovascular problems in patients. These tests help detect irregularities that may result in a heart attack or heart disease. Common duties include explaining procedures to patients, monitoring patients’ blood pressure and positioning patients. A great deal of these technicians’ work time may be spent standing, and they sometimes need to lift or turn patients. Some technicians employed in medical facilities work overnight, evenings or weekends. The following table presents an overview of what’s needed to become an EKG Tech.

EKG technician certification programs are available at several colleges throughout the country. These programs train students on using the EKG machine and practicing correct 12-lead placement on patients. Programs may also cover medical terminology, anatomy and legal aspects of interacting with patients. Students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with EKG equipment and gain hands-on experience during labs.

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The CrashPlan Carbonite Duel

The CrashPlan Carbonite Duel

The CrashPlan Carbonite Duel

There is no doubt that Carbonite as well as CrashPlan have a great deal in common however there are considerable distinctions between the two providers and also depending on your needs those distinctions will determine whether you want to make use of either Carbonite or perhaps CrashPlan .Carbonite packages are all only for a single computer. The difference between packages is a various level of capabilities. This does make it a bit more difficult to compare the basic Carbonite plan to CrashPlan options.

CrashPlan is very economical in their prices and are one of the few providers that offers a family plan to back-up up to ten computer systems on one account. That is great, if you actually have ten computer systems in order to back-up to one account it would then be a great deal. The reality is although most people don’t possess ten computer systems and the CrashPlan family plan is not as affordable because several accounts occasionally.

Both systems offer local back up options with their Home Plus plans. Both are very easier to use but CrashPlan is the better of the two due to its affordability and support staff. Both are great choices it depends on what your particular needs are. Carbonite gives you the option to freeze your backup but it should be used when you do not want any of your files removed from the Carbonite servers.

My PC Backup is another low-cost cloud storage option for those looking to save money. You have the ability to start off for free but other affordable options are available. You can obtain a 75GB plan for the low cost of $4.49 a month for two years. For only about fifty cents more you can get the 250GB premium plan for two years. I would recommend that second option unless you do not truly that much space. You can get an unlimited storage space for $6.95 a month for a total of two years. That is an amazing deal and it is definitely affordable for anyone who needs a little storage space or even an unlimited amount.

There are some issues with My PC Backup. Many people complain that it is not a legitimate product and only puts spyware on your computer and does very little to help with your file storage needs. The company assures its customers that it is a legitimate company with a legitimate helpful product to offer. My PC Backup does in fact provide cloud storage for all of your files such as music, data, photos, and much more. However, if you are concerned about this software being malware, please remove it immediately.

There are all awesome options for you as far as cloud storage is concerned. Knowing which one to choose simply depends on how much storage you need as well as the reputation of the business.

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Does Music & Money Go Together?

Does Music & Money Go Together?

Does Music & Money Go Together?

When it comes to a career in music, not everyone wants to become a performer. Some people love to be on the technical side, which is why careers like a recording engineer is so interesting and often lucrative. Recording engineers are often also referred to as sound engineers and they will mix and record music as well as use sound effects. They work in various industries, including film and television and although not required, it is recommended that you have some sort of degree or certification.

An audio engineer can enjoy a variety of functions within the film, music or radio industry and it can be a challenging and very enjoyable career. Not only will you work with the technical side of music production but you can also be creative and mix various music styles according to specific project requirements. It can be very enjoyable for people who love to work with music. You can also earn a decent salary while working as an audio engineer, which is why this is a great career path.

An audio engineer earns a good salary and you can expect to earn around $27 per hour or $56,000 per year. This can go up to $70,000 per year, depending on your experience Sound engineers are often paid by their industry and this can vary; for example, you might earn more by working in the film or television industry as opposed or radio or theatre. This is why you should carefully choose your industry and where you want to work so that you not only make what you are worth but also enjoy what you do.

But it all starts with choosing the right school for your studies if you want to become an audio engineer. This means that you should consider and compare the various options you have so that you can find out what program will suit your career goals best. You should also consider your budget; plan ahead and know what your studies will cost if you plan on attending a specific school. The learning facilities that the school offer are important and so are the various programs you can choose from.

Starting a career in music is a great choice, especially if that is what you love. You’ll get the opportunity to work on different projects and productions, which is what makes this job so interesting. You can also create your own music productions and be creative. This is ideal if you love to work with different sounds and music every day, being creative and allowing a production to sound amazing. So choose your school and program wisely and you can start your lucrative career.

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Best Educational Institutes

Best Educational Institutes

Best Educational Institutes

Engineering can be a rewarding career, and the field of engineering is much larger than you may think. For example if the field of construction interests you there’s the path of a construction engineer. A construction engineer will be inventing new structures and materials which can withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and which are also environmentally friendly.

If you are into computers, a career in computer engineering may be the path for you. Computer engineers help to develop the systems and forms of technology we use every day such as the iPhone, Google, and the myriad of applications available. For lovers of architecture there is the path of an architectural engineer, which can also encompass civil and mechanical engineering.

One form of engineering that is expected to grow over the next few years is in the petroleum sector. A petroleum engineer performs activities which result in or are related to the production of hydrocarbons; this can be in the form of natural gas or crude oil. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the job growth for petroleum engineers is expected to be at approximately 26%, which is far faster than the average rate of job growth for any given sector. A petroleum engineer will typically hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and one can begin their training as early as high school with courses geared towards science and math training. Colleges around the world offer degrees in engineering, with some of the best being located in the Unites States. The University of Austin at Texas, Pennsylvania State University, Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, and the University of Southern California all offer top notch schooling for those interested in a career in petroleum engineering.

If being in and around nature holds more of an interest for you biology may be the career path you travel. With our ever-changing climate and seas expecting to rise, the study of marine biology has become an important part of understanding where our climate future is headed. For an individual who is interested in a career as a marine biologist a bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum requirement. The median income for a marine biologist is approximately $54,000 dollars; those holding master’s degrees will normally be able to earn a six figure income depending on state of residence and experience.

Marine biology is the scientific study of life in the ocean and as such, a school with a hands-on laboratory is a must. Some of the top schools for marine biology include Boston University in Boston, MA which offers a program geared towards those interested in the research aspects of the career. The University of Hawaii at Hilo offers students the opportunity to study in a rich marine environment; they combine hands-on and classroom curriculums for a full marine life experience.

For those interested in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), there are many colleges and universities all around the world offering outstanding degree programs. In some cases it has been noted that college graduates can earn up to 80 percent more during a lifetime than their high school diploma holding counterparts.

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Is Alchemy Your Future

Is Alchemy Your Future

Is Alchemy Your Future

Are you unsatisfied in your current career? If that is the case, you are probably looking to go back to college for a career change. If becoming a pharmacist or becoming a physical therapists have peaked your interest, you have come to the right place. These are great careers and they are in high demand. The more the population grows, the more in demand people who are qualified to work in these careers will become.

Top Pharmacy Schools

When you think of becoming a  pharmacist, you think of becoming one of the best and making one of the best salaries available. If this is your goal, you will want to attend one of the best colleges to specialize in becoming a pharmacist.

Being a pharmacist requires mixing medications, and understanding  the various chemical components of each medication and understanding the interactions of these chemicals with any medications that the patient is already on.

Being a pharmacist requires daily research, as well as the overseeing of numerous members of the pharmacy staff.

In order to become a pharmacist, you must obtain a doctorates degree in pharmacy, also known as a PharmD.

Here are the top five schools that are known for dishing out the best pharmacists in the business:

  • University of California – San Francisco
  • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Texas – Austin
  • University of Kentucky

While there are other schools that can give you an amazing education, these are the top five schools that employers look for when hiring new applicants.

Expected Salary for a Pharmacist

The expected salary for a pharmacist is is approximately $122,000 per year. This average salary is based on national data, and individual salary can vary depending on geographic location and as well as the population of the area in which the pharmacist practices.

Top Physical Therapy Schools

Physical therapists provide a great service to their clientel. They provide relief from injury, rehabilitation, even injury prevention. They provide consultations after surgery for a wide variety of doctors, hospitals and clinics.

Here are the top five colleges that produce the top physical therapists that the United States has to offer.

  • University of Souther California – Los Angeles
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • University of Iowa

Physical therapists who have degrees from one of these five colleges will most likely be chosen above other applicants. This is because a quality education can never be matched except by hands on experience.

Expected Salary for a Physical Therapist

The salary for a physical therapist is approximately $79,000 annually. There are a wide range of factors that can increase or decrease the expected salary, including geographic location, the chosen work venue as well as the hours that you work.

A physical therapist can increase their expected salary by working in a group practice, starting their own practice, and consulting with various physicians, allowing on call hours, consulting with hospitals, and consulting with surgeons.

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A Trend Setting Career

A Trend Setting Career

A Trend Setting Career

You may not think so, but you are good at something, everybody is! Many students come into the college world thinking that they have nothing to offer, nothing that they are good at. It is okay to feel this way, because you can be whatever you want to be. While some students want to be doctors and lawyers, others look at things from a different perspective and this okay too! While you may be stuck in limbo trying to come up with the best option for you, it is okay to take your time and discover what is best for you and your future. It may take you a little bit longer to find out what you are good at. Maybe you like fashion, or business, or both! If this sounds like you then I have an amazing career option for you!

Combining business and fashion can be tricky, but extremely fulfilling if those are your true passions in life. Fashion merchandising gives you the broad opportunity to use your creativity as to promote and market fashion at wholesalers and stores. It is an art form, you study fashion and create new ideas that will attract buyers to come into the store and purchase those items. Knowing a lot about fashion is very important, but so is having a drive for success in business and marketing. Those sides of the career are equally as important. Having a sense of how you would market a clothing line combined with a passion for fashion will make you top notch in the fashion merchandising industry.

Obtaining a job in the fashion industry may seem like it would be a difficult task, and in some parts of the world it is. That is why you need to make education your first priority as these jobs are hard to come by and this will set you ahead of the pack. Your first step could be to obtain a diploma or certificate and find an entry level position to get your feet wet. Another option may to reach for the stars and to obtain an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree to better your chances for employment after graduation. Stanford-Brown College is in Seattle, WA, and offers a four year Bachelor’s degree program for those who are looking to get to the top faster. Berkeley College offers Associate’s Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees so there you can take it one step at a time.

If fashion and business are both interests of yours this is a great career path for you. Even if it is just fashion knowledge that you bring to the table, you can always educate yourself more on the business side of things. No matter what you choose, go with your heart and reach for the stars!

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Invest In Engineering Now Reap Rewards Later

Careers Crime Can Lead To

Invest In Engineering Now Reap Rewards Later

Criminology can be a very rewarding field to look into if you are looking to get into a field full of mystery and countless rewards. You will have the opportunity to learn about the many different types of crime by discovering crime patterns and similarities not just by watching what they show on TV. Being able to study the patterns in crime in the United States and in every other country is crucial to solving crimes of many different natures. Technology has changed the way criminologists study the facts. This has opened up many new career opportunities as well as options for education who interested in getting into the art of solving crime.

Criminologists are able to study crime and how it effects society in the long term. This also allows other people who work in the criminology field to solve and prevent crimes as well as catch the bad guys. There are many careers that require a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or Criminology and are rewarding and impactful. You could very well be an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Even though this would require more coursework on your part as well as intense hands-on training, the skills you learn are priceless. You could be solving murders or dealing with terrorists, it’s a very broad spectrum. So with all of this training of course you are required to maintain a lot of schooling and keep your grades up! Choosing the right program and school has never been more crucial.

There are many colleges that offer programs in Criminology. Some of these schools are some of the most well-known schools in the world so taking them into consideration is of utmost importance. This can be a hard choice to make because Criminology has such a wide variety of sub-genres for you to choose from, so do not take it lightly when choosing your program. The University of California in Irvine is a wonderful option. You would have the options of studying criminal, environmental, criminal, and many others. The University of Pennsylvania has the best criminology program in the country and is the fifth best Ivy League school in the United States. You would have the option of studying law, drugs, deviance, and effects that those have on the mind. Those are just two of the many schools that are available to you.

A Criminology degree can offer you a number of awesome career opportunities. I only discussed a few of them, the vast majority of students will choose a sub-genre that I never even listed. Sadly, there will always be crime in the world but the positive aspect is that people to catch criminals will always be needed.

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Invest In Engineering Now Reap Rewards Later

Invest In Engineering Now Reap Rewards Later

Invest In Engineering Now Reap Rewards Later

Getting into the industrial industry is definitely the hot thing to do right now. Careers in industrial design and industrial manufacturing engineering are booming and will be the wave of the future. This is definitely one of the highest paid fields available for those who want the excitement of combining applied science and artistic qualities. You may be looking for different opportunities for schooling as well as learning more about the field and what job opportunities are out there for you. Well you have come to the right place as I have done some research for you on one sought after career and that is industrial manufacturing engineering.

Industrial Manufacturing and Engineering is one highly rated field to look into. There is an array of skills needed for this type of career as you need to be educated in methods of engineering as well as math and applied science. You will then have the capability of improving processes statistics, communication, quality control, problem solving, and so much more. People in this field typically make about $80,000 a year or more depending on experience and expertise.

Any career in the engineering field is high paying and highly sought after due to its complexities. If this field interests you there are several different colleges that offer this degree program such as; University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, and Stanford University just to name a few.  This is an extremely rewarding field that requires special skills that a lot of people do not have. So if you do have them or want to obtain them, this may just be for you. There are also scholarships available to students who are looking to pursue a degree in industrial manufacturing. Caterpillar Scholars Awards, Phoenix Scholarships, and E.Wayne Kay Community College all offer the opportunity for scholarships to students holding a 3.0 grade point average.

Engineering is a field that will always be in high demand. If you are able to be a thinker who is innovative and passionate then there will always be a job available for you. There are always a number of different varieties of engineering that you can get into so you will never be limited as to what you can do. Once you have the knowledge you can work in almost any aspect of engineering. This is an as an amazing path to take in your life with many challenging opportunities. It is a whole lot of work but always stick to your goals and believe in yourself and your future. Do plenty of research and do what is right for you. You will not regret becoming an engineer.

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Dirt Cheap Education With Rich Rewards

Dirt Cheap Education With Rich Rewards

Dirt Cheap Education With Rich Rewards

Choosing a science major can be a difficult task. All in all it depends on what kind of science you enjoy. Do you like digging in the dirt and discovering new and fascinating facts about the earth? Or maybe you enjoy chemistry and biology and want to combine those two powerful forces to study the science of the human body. Whatever your desire is, there is definitely something out there for everyone. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty geology might be the right career path for you. If you have always been interested in molecules and everything biological, studying biochemistry may be the way to go. In the wonderful world of science there are so many new things to discover.

Geology is the study of the Earth and how it is made. Geologists combine their knowledge of Earth processes, and materials, and history to see how we can influence these three factors in the future. The study of volcanoes, floods and other operations, and studied well enough to know where to place the least amount of damage. They also examined issues such as climate change and its history.

Geologists are required in several areas. You can work for a private company for compliance with federal regulations, State and local. Some even work for the Government study the interaction between human and natural resources. Many geologists became teachers to help mold the minds of future geologists. There are several different highly rated colleges and universities that offer Geology as a four-year degree. Some of them include: the University of Arizona, and the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, California Institute of technology.

There are certain students who are not sure they want to commit to becoming a Geology major. There are some details that you may want to know before majoring in Geology. If you love being outdoors then that is the first clue that you are going to love being a geology major. You also have to be willing to commit to long hours in the lab and the ability to work in groups and take constructive criticism. It is only the right choice for you if you have the passion for the subject and commit to the time and effort that it requires of you to get the answers that you are looking for. What is great is that the scenery is always beautiful and the work is always meaningful.

The wonderful world of science has so many opportunities for science-minded individuals. You may want to get your hands dirty or you may want to do something more on the medical side of things. Regardless of what you decide, science can teach you a lot about the world and about how everything works. It just depends on what you want to discover!

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The Best Place To Study Law!

The Best Place To Study Law!

The Best Place To Study Law!

When choosing to be a lawyer, it goes without saying that there will be a great deal of studying involved. As well as the time a person has to invest, there is also the cost. It is therefore important to ensure that you are attending the right kind of law school to ensure that it caters for your needs.

Yale University is listed among the best graduate schools for those looking to train as a lawyer. Yale Law School prides itself as being among the top law schools and producing lawyers from all walks of life. Harvard Univeristy is another school ranked among the best. The students at Harvard University aren’t given traditional letter grades, the instead receive a distinction of honors, pass low pass or fail. The campus also offers live in on-campus dormitories for those who will be studying for law full time. Stanford Law School allows its students to customize their education in the second year, thanks to a variety of elective courses.

Of course, its not only potential lawyers who need to ensure that they are attending the right kind of school, paralegals are just as important in today’s legal world so it is important that they are receiving the right kind of education.

The Univeristy of Cincinnati is regarded as one of the leaders when it comes to its paralegal programs and studies. Among the programs on offer are minor and major degree programs. There are three different types of credits and degrees that can be obtained, including the bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, an associate’s degree and a professional certificate. Georgetown University offers a paralegal program that is famed for its cutting edge curriculum. The program was first established in 1973, which has been accredited since 1977. The program is also approved by the American Association for Paralegal Education. The University of San Diego’s paralegal program is said to be one of the best available on the west coast. What’s more, the program is flexible so those who may struggle to attend classes in the day can simply attend one of the classed that takes place during the evening.

This is only a snapshot of what’s available when it come to studying law. When choosing a school it is important that you are able to afford the fees and that it offers all the facilities you require. While it can be tempting to opt for a school that will offer you the education for a lower fee, it’s worth checking out as to what that particular school’s graduation rate is. Needless to say that if you spend money and don’t graduate, it’s not only the fees that have been wasted, but also a great deal of your time.

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Your Future In Medicine

Exploring New Directions In Medicine

Your Future In Medicine

Where is traditional medicine headed? We can only expect to see facilities continue to develop as long as technology plays a pivotal role. While we’ve come a long way in treating disease we can only wonder where medicine is going from here. It wasn’t many years ago that we always had to go to the doctor’s office to treat a small cold. As of today when we need our healthcare questions answered we turn to the internet. We can even interact with other people through the World Wide Web and talk about our own conditions, symptoms, remedies etc. Is it possible that devices such as our own cellphones will be able to evolve medicine and somewhat play the role of the Doctor?

Artificial Intelligence and the direction of medicine go hand in hand with one another. Devices analyze patients and can tell whether or not a prescription is having a positive or negative effect on a patient. The cost of using technology to take care of some of these duties is going down as well. It is becoming more and more affordable to be able to learn more about conditions, see differences in DNA and compare disease. There are software programs that can actually create DNA and even create new prescription drugs. While this can be extremely helpful in most instances keep in mind that there is always a con.

With the ability to study and create quickly it may also create new organisms that are somewhat dangerous to the people. There are risks involved in creating new medicine if the person designing it does not have the utmost understanding of how cells and DNA work. Over the years medicine has transformed into information technology; we can only predict that it’s going to become easier and easier for us to be able to diagnose ourselves.

Regardless of how fast technology is moving we are still in charge of our own health. The habits that we practice are often the most accurate way to prevent conditions unless it is natural disease or hereditary. If we are able to practice good habits and not rely on the advancement of technology or medicine it seems as if these innovations will only enrich the lives of those who are faced with health problems.

It is very possible that the role of the doctor or physician is going to change over the years. Medical schools discuss how the Doctors of the future should be trained today. Some discuss that we should rebuild medical schools from the ground up. What will our healthcare system look like in the year 2020? The traditional curriculum built for medical students is now changing as it prepares the students for long term care.

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Your Future In Medicine

Your Future In Medicine

Your Future In Medicine

Working towards a career in the medical field is a promising decision – not only does the healthcare industry provide a great deal of employment, it enriches the lives of those who enjoy working with care facilitators and patients. If you’re thinking about a future in medicine and you feel that it’s something that you would find happiness in, it’s one of the best career choices to make. Whether you’re aiming toward becoming a Physician, Nurse or MA there is an opportunity for everyone to work and grow in the field.

Committing yourself to an education in order to work in this field ends up being rewarding. There is always room for advancement and if you start out at one level of the field you can work your way up if you take a greater interest in caring for patients. It is job security and there is an ever-growing need for people who want to do this. It’s not all the time that the degree you graduate with allows you to really do something. Every degree that pertains to the medical field will not have you waiting around for employment. Some students may have chosen to go to school to become a Medical Transcriptionist and end up opting out to become an Audiologist.

Having a future in medicine also gives you the opportunity to work with diverse people and cultures. There is always an opportunity to learn something new about care and patients. There are so many options as to where you can work as well; if you’d like to specialize in one industry within healthcare such as childbirth, even better. Knowing exactly what you want to do in life and how to get there is an enriching feeling that can weigh out other personal challenges.

Being able to work with professionals in the medical industry allows you to feel proud of yourself, what you do and how far you have come to reach where you are. This is a job that gives people a feeling of purpose in helping other people and themselves. It isn’t always easy to identify with what you want to do in life and this can often cause recent college graduates to change their major and opt out for another job that might feel more purposeful. Working in the medical industry is often something that people find purpose in from the very beginning because they are aware of the fulfillment that comes from helping people and their families in the most important way.

Anyone’s future in medicine is promising. With a constant need for people who are willing to work in a hospital or medicinal setting it’s a great profession to go into. There are many people who continue to work their way up in the environment because they have increasing care toward the people, their health and wellbeing.

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Brain Health Improved by Incorporating Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Brain Health Improved by Incorporating Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Brain Health Improved by Incorporating Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It’s no shock that the food you consume has a direct correlation to your health – duh, this is common knowledge. Generally, those who choose to eat poorly will have poor health unless they can make up for it by exercising a lot, but even then, your diet is everything. Not only is your diet key to a health physique, but recent studies have shown that your diet is also key to a strong mental health as well. This gives the term “food for thought” some content now!

When you take a look at mental disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and even depression, you often think that these come randomly and can happen to anybody or they are a result of past experiences. While this all may be true, there is a dietary explanation as well. For one, studies have shown that the majority of those who suffer from mental disorders all suffer from a malnourished diet – generally a deficiency in Omega-3. Omega-3 (docosahexaenoic acid) is a fatty acid commonly found in cold-water fish like cod, salmon, and herring. Omega-3 is referred to as one of the most important parts of optimal brain function because your brain contains such a high concentration of it. You can almost think of Omega-3 as the fuel that keeps your brain running smoothly.

Omega-3 is also very crucial in fetal development. Pregnant women for instance need to consume a lot of Omega-3 or else the fetus could potentially develop mental disorders inside the womb. It should also be no surprise that a lot of prescriptions that doctors give out contain high amounts of Omega-3. Doctors get paid nearly $190,000 a year on average, and often times see patients who have some sort of neurological issue. While the doctor will most likely refer the patient to a neurologist, who makes on average about $200,000 a year, chances are the neurologist will prescribe the same thing. In the medical field, where there are so many different moving parts, it is important that professionals communicate together with one another. Omega-3 seems to be a lacking ingredient in so many people’s diets, so hopefully whoever you see, whether it’s a doctor or someone else, can make sure you’re no going to be a victim of a mental complication.

Brain Health Improved by Incorporating Omega-3 Fatty Acids Credit Picture License: HealthGauge via photopin cc

Is There A Problem With Cleanliness In Our Hospitals?

HospitalNo matter where you are, a building’s cleanliness and working conditions are a major factor in its business. Nobody wants to go somewhere that is filthy or has a bad reputation for being unclean. What if this place is a hospital though? A surprising fact is that a quarter of nurses say they wouldn’t recommend their own hospital! While there are lots of reforms going on in the medical world, a lot of the attention is guided towards quality of care, cleanliness, and the overall upkeep of operating procedures.

Research in Canada has shown that a number of Canadian RNs are extremely unhappy with the way their hospital performs, and accordingly, they would not recommend their own hospital to their loved ones, friends, or anybody else. But perhaps the biggest issue is a lack of staff. The majority nurses observed and interviewed state that they operate understaffed and have to put in extra hours because people drop out left-and-right. This not only makes the nurse’s job harder, but also it puts the patient’s health in danger when there isn’t enough staff. Nurses go through a very hard process to get to where they are, especially nurse anesthetists, but the rigor of the path has never really been an issue because the working conditions are usually favorable. However, it appears that maybe this thinking is wrong. After all, most RNs are making $60,000 a year when a large majority of them put in close to 50-60 hours a week.

Perhaps a lack of staff can be accredited to the lack of cleanliness in the hospitals? It isn’t just dust, trash, and/or dirt that attributes to a hospital’s cleanliness, but their operating procedures as well. If a hospital is disorganized and a complete ruckus, it is labeled under the same category as a hospital who is physically filthy. However, the nurses out there that are putting in the overtime hours – they are the ones keeping the system up and running and they need to be applauded for their time. Hopefully in the coming years, after all of these reforms have gone through, we can see some real improvements in the way hospitals are ran and the overall cleanliness.


Medical Imaging Techniques Expose Patients To High Levels of Radiation

DigitalImagingSometimes new technology can have unforeseeable backlashes. When x-ray technology was first invented, the use of radiation was a big mystery. We didn’t know a lot about it other than it is linked to nuclear weaponry. Now, we have managed to use x-ray technology every day in hospitals and other medical clinics, but we haven’t managed to make it completely healthy. Sure, getting one x-ray done isn’t going to hurt you, but the scary fact is that our exposure to radiation has grown roughly 600% over the last thirty-years with the majority of that coming in the form of medical imaging scans.

Most of the time when you go in for an x-ray, you don’t know the potential effects of being exposed to radiation – like cancer. For instance, women who get mammograms done are actually having their heart and breast tissue exposed to ionizing radiation and are harming their DNA. As customers, patients, and/or clients, we need to be more educated as to what we’re doing to our bodies when we visit a radiologist, or another medical professional. Radiologists get paid a whopping $300,000 a year on average; they should definitely know the potential effects of being exposed to radiation.

Another scary aspect of using radiation in the hospital environment is the excess of nuclear waste material. Hospitals, because they use medical imaging scans so often, are a major source of nuclear waste material. This material can be stolen and made into explosive devices! I bet you didn’t know that! This makes hospitals a prime target for terrorists who want to get their hands on material like that. In essence, hospitals could accidentally be arming terrorists with nuclear materials to make weapons and not even realize it!

Research has been shown to uncover the cause of the rising rates of leukemia and, surprisingly, the main cause of it was medical radiation – specifically x-rays. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an emergency or not, you should demand to know if getting an x-ray is completely mandatory to your health or not. If you’re taken by the EMTs, be sure to ask this question.

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Poor Nutrition Linked To Oral Problems Down The Line

good dietWho would have thought that the things we consume can have an affect on oral health? While it may seem obvious, many of us go through our lives completely oblivious to our oral health. Dentists get paid their six-figure salaries because so many just aren’t willing to pay close attention to keeping their teeth clean and strong. But besides brushing and flossing daily, you can improve your oral health by simply eating a good diet!

Some of the science comes down to more of what you don’t eat rather than what you do eat. First of all, lots of sugary foods are a big no-no when it comes to the health of your teeth. Glucose is a very sticky substance and it likes to stick onto your teeth; sometimes no matter how much your brush or floss, you could have sugary residue on your teeth for weeks – this is why I highly recommend visiting your dentist for just a simple cleaning quite often (maybe once every other month). Or, you can just start eating lots of cranberries and raising. These two fruits contain high amounts of polyphenols which prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth.

Calcium is something that all of us, Americans especially, don’t consume enough of. Calcium keeps our bones healthy and strong and since our teeth are bones too, calcium directly affects our oral health. Drinking lots of milk is the easiest way to make sure your body has enough calcium. Then we get to vegetables; especially celery and carrots. These are important because they are loaded with antioxidants which can almost take the place of brushing your teeth because they help break of up plaque – but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The point is, you don’t want to have to be visiting the hospital when you’re older. Dental health has been directly related to the health of your heart, and even your brain. Those who don’t take their of their teeth are more likely to end up being taken care of by a medical assistant in their future – so don’t be that person. Take care of your teeth.

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Paramedics Questioned In Doing Their Job After Man Dies In Police Hands

joel chokehold on hunterOne of the biggest stories of supposed police brutality came this year when a man, Eric Garner, was killed while being arrested. Garner, who stood at a lofty 6-foot 3-inches tall and over 300lbs, was arrested on suspicion of selling illegal cigarettes – a charge he has been quite familiar with as this was not the first time he had been arrested for selling them. A bystander shot a video of the altercation and what we saw was Garner claiming he was innocent and that he was not going to be arrested. Nevertheless, the officers jump on him and drag him onto the ground and into cuffs. The only problem is that one of the officers was seen putting Garner in a choke hold on the way to the ground. Even Garner himself was saying, “I can’t breath”, while being wrestled by the police. It also didn’t help that Garner had a bad case of asthma and probably should have been seeing a respiratory therapist for his breathing issues.

Because choke holds are not permissible by police policy, this case has been labeled as a misconduct where one man has died at the hands of police officers who weren’t doing their job correctly. But this doesn’t just stop here. The motionless Garner, who is predicted to have either died from asphyxiation or even a heart attack, was seen lying on the ground before the paramedics showed up. When they did, they checked his pulse, and loaded him into the ambulance. A bystander asked why no one was giving CPR to the motionless man, and an officer replied stating that he was breathing, but it’s clear – he was not.

The whole situation should have been handled in a better manner, but nevertheless, the paramedics who responded to the call are being accused of not doing their jobs correctly. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to a resuscitate a man who has died several minutes before you can get to the scene, but there should have definitely been an attempt to save the man’s life. With that said, paramedics don’t get paid their salary to clean up the police’s mess. The officer who applied the choke hold has been stripped of his gun and badge, while the other has been relegated to desk-work for the time being.


A Career In The Pharmacy Could Spell Jail Time

Unlicensed-PharmacistIn many communities, the local pharmacist is among the most respected members of the neighborhood. He gives you your prescriptions at a fair price, always has a smiling face, and seems like a through-and-through decent guy, but this isn’t always the case. Having access to drugs like morphine, oxycontin, prozan, and xanax is a huge responsibility – these drugs, on the street, or purchased for personal use, most of the times at a high dollar. Pharmacists, who make just over $100,000 a year on average, could very be drugs supplier and you wouldn’t even know it! Take this example for instance:

A local pharmacists in Rhode Island was predicted to face about 10 years in prison for stealing morphine and prescription painkillers off the shelves and replacing them with saline solution. Instead of doing jail time though, he was charged with 5 years of probation and a handful of community service hours. This doesn’t seem like a very good example of punishment fitting the crime – and it’s not considering the potential murder or manslaughter charges that this could have received. The pharmacists took the capsules that the morphine was in, opened them, transferred the morphine out, and replaced it with saline. Then, he glued the lids back on to make it look like they were never opened. Well, little did he know, glue and saline compound instantly and can turn into a deadly poison. There isn’t any evidence that anybody has died from saline or glue poisoning from this particular instance, but this is becoming a really serious issue.

A lot of times the actual pharmacist isn’t the only who you need to watch out for – it’s the pharmacy technicians. Pharmacists make plenty of money, but pharmacy technicians make considerably less and would then be more inclined to steal drugs from the office, and sell them to people on the streets for a decent amount of cash. Pilfering drugs (stealing small amounts of drugs in a stealthy manner over and over) is, like I said, quickly becoming the go-to technique for getting drugs on the streets and in the black market. I think it’s time the “war on drugs” gets off the streets and starts hitting the offices.


Dental X-Rays Shown To Possibly Cause Brain Tumors

MeningiomaIt’s a pretty well known fact that being overexposed to radiation can have long-lasting, potentially harmful effects on your body; however, maybe you didn’t know exactly how common it is to be affected by radiation – particularly in the form of x-rays. Having an x-ray taken of you seems like a very harmless thing; it doesn’t hurt, you don’t feel your insides burning up under the pressure of the radiation, etc., but x-rays can cause meningioma. Meningioma is a non-cancerous tumor that forms in the meninges, which is the area of membrane that surrounds your spinal cord. Some common symptoms of meningioma can come by way of pounding headaches, a sudden decrease in vision, and even speech impediments.

So who is at risk of developing menginioma? Well, for once, those who receive bite-wing exams are commonly the most at-risk people. Orthodontists, who make $190,000 a year on average, will use bite-wing exams to take a look at your teeth and their structure, but those who have had a bite-wing exam are about twice as likely to develop menginioma. Furthermore, the panorex exam is another one to watch out for; panorex exams are when the orthodontist or dental assistant uses an external device to take the x-ray. Those who have panorex exams are three times as likely to develop a non-cancerous tumor.

But adults aren’t the only ones who are at risk of developing meningioma, in fact, children are even more susceptible because of how sensitive their cells are to radiation. Kids who are under 10 years of age should definitely take caution when getting x-rays done, especially if its multiple times a year. However, it should be noted that this subject is still being researched and should therefore regarded as an early observation.

So what can you do? Well, first of all, you should definitely make sure that the x-ray you’re getting is completely mandatory. Ask your x-ray technician if the x-ray is crucial to your appointment and/or your potential condition. X-ray technicians make about $60,000 a year on average, so if you cancel your appointment, I don’t think they will mind all too much.


Veterinarians Help To Save The Life Of A Famous Orangutan

orangutanAt forty-three years of age, Cheyenne, an orangutan, might as well be Texas’s most famous animal. Cheyenne is a very well known attraction at the Houston Zoo, but in August, the zoo and all of her beloved fans feared that her life might be at risk. The zoo’s veterinary doctor took a look at her initially and found lots of things wrong; infections, a potential disease in her muscles, and even a urinary tract infection were all existing conditions that the poor ape had – it was clear that Cheyenne needed emergency help. So Houston called in the cavalry.

A whole swarm of vets and zoo keepers transported the orangutan to the Houston Medical Center and specialists from the children’s hospital and Ben Taub Critical Care Specialists came in to donate their time for free in treating this beloved animal.

At first, the team inspected the animals intestines and ran several dialysis scans. Their dialysis technicians unfortunately ruled that a kidney dialysis was out of the question as it would have required a neck catheter which generally causes an issue in animals. Because a catheter would have to be inserted, the animal would most likely start bleeding and, because of the nature of orangutans, that wound would be re-opened time and time again which would’ve made it prone to infection and a whole series of other complications that the team did not need on their plate. Dialysis techs get paid about $40,000 a year to run tests and other dialysis work on patients.

Medical staff had to work around the clock, at all hours of the day, to keep the fluids just write. They couldn’t just pump her with as much as they wanted because, in a critical condition like Cheyenne was in, too much fluids could cause just as many issues as not having enough. After 11 days of being on antibiotics and an I/V, the orangutan successfully made a recover. Since then, she was reunited with her chimps and is doing just fine thanks to the fantastic veterinary staff that they had on hand. No doubt these vets had attended some of the top veterinary schools in the US.

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Could A Healthy Back Prevent Heart Problems?

healthy backThe chiropractic field has become one of the quickest growing medical fields over the past few decades. Either our backs are getting weaker and weaker, or maybe we’re just not being quite as careful as we should be. Nevertheless, the chiropractic field has grown to the point where chiropractors are in high demand. With so much more attention being given to this field, it opens it up to new discoveries. One of the biggest discoveries made in the chiropractic came when it was observed that your back health could be a tell to the health of your heart.

This may seem crazy, but it is true. One of the tells that you could be having a heart attack in the near future is a sudden back pain. In fact, it’s a general rule of thumb that, as a chiropractor, you can expect to have at least one or two patients in your life career suffer a heart attack. This is why visiting your chiropractor is so important! Not only can he/she reduce the pain in your back, but by going through regular chiropractic work you can even reduce the chance of heart attacks, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and overall improve the health of your entire cardiovascular system.

The medical world is pretty much a giant machine with a lot of moving parts in it. Because there are so many different fields, it is crucial that these fields communicate and work together so stuff like this can be brought to light. For instance, cardiologists who see patients who are prone to having a heart attack should definitely recommend chiropractors and even some top occupational therapists to work with patients so they don’t become the next victim of a heart attack.

Paying attention to your body and your health is a very important aspect of life that many of us are bad at. Your body will give you signs that you are under too much stress, not eating correctly, or even that you’re being too active. Whatever the case may be, listen to your body and look for signs. If you find that you’re suddenly having back problems, troubles breathing, or have chest pain, and your at the age where you’re prone to heart attacks – go see medical help.

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Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age By Keeping Your Teeth Healthy!

Woman mouthOur bodies work in weird ways. While we are all different in so many forms, our bodies do remain fairly consistent in the aspect of health. What is healthy, is healthy. There is no exception when it comes to the maintenance of your body and even though others can tolerate more, your health should be a real priority. While health is an extremely important aspect of life that you should stay in control of, it also becomes a bit of peculiarity. A great example of this is how your teeth and brain are connection.

Believe it or not, but the health of your brain seems somewhat connected to the health of your teeth. While there is no proven connection, studies have been conducted where those who have poor teeth health also have poor mental health. For example, a study conducted by the Columbia University Medical Center examined over two thousand people, both men and women, over the age of 60 and found that those who had bad gum disease (periodontitis) also had troubles with their memory; this took form when they were given three words to remember for a period of time, and failed to remember what those three words were.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, nobody is really true. The link between your mental health and your teeth health remains subtle at best. No, if you go a week without brushing your teeth you will not have a stroke. However, inflammation, infections, and other medical issues with your oral health can result in an increased risk of a variety of medical complications including heart disease, strokes, and even respiratory problems.

If you are involved in the medical world then you might find this to be particularly interesting. For instance, neurosurgeons could really find this information useful and I expect that, in the coming years, neurosurgeons will have much more communication with professionals in the dental industry. I can see neurosurgeons communicating with people like dental assistants and seeing personal files to see if a potential lapse in mental health could be connected with dental too.


Choosing The Right Student Financial Aid Options!

financial_aidPursuing a college degree is no doubt a very important move that you should make. While college isn’t for everybody, there are lots of people who are relying on college to guide them to a certain field of expertise where they can find a full-time job. With the costs of college on the rise, there is more and more of a necessity placed into making the right decision. I’m not talking about partying and drinking, I’m not talking about financial aid. Financing college can be done a certain way that can be as painless as possible, but many don’t know how to finance college correctly and thus end up spending the rest of their young adult lives paying off debt. Debt is not a fun thing to deal with, so make sure you go about paying for college the best way you can.

One of the best things to do is look for scholarships. A lot of people know about scholarships and how they can work wonders to chop down those pesky student loans, but not many really take the initiative and pursue scholarships with much energy. This is why if you are aware of potential scholarships you could be eligible for it can really make paying off college easier. For instance, if you are former military personnel, there are a bunch of scholarships available for you. There are specific scholarships and grants for individual branches, based on time served, location served, etc. This is free money that goes towards your college degree that you should not turn down.

Perhaps the best thing about being involved with the military is the fact that the veteran isn’t the only one who can reap the benefits. There are tons of scholarships out there for spouses of military veterans as well. This gives joining the military a whole sense of incentive as both of you can pursue college degrees and be well off in the future.

Now, scholarships are definitely very helpful, but at the end of the day you may still not be able to afford paying for college. This is normal and a commonly shared feeling among thousands, if not millions, of students around the world. However, student loans have a whole new perspective if you’re former military personnel. Being a military veteran you could apply for an unsubsidized loan, which means you don’t have to pay the interest – the government does that while you’re going to college. Not a whole lot of people have the benefit of this, so make sure you jump on this opportunity to get an unsubsidized loan!


Possible Opportunities For An Individual With A Music Degree

musician_playing_violinAs a young person gyrating around the kitchen to the latest song it never occurred to me that a love of music could be parlayed into a career. However it is possible and much more lucrative than one might think.

Most parents are hesitant when their child comes to them with a desire to attend a school of music; they have visions of their child penniless, playing music on the street corner for change. The parents should calm down and realize that a career in music does not only mean playing in a band or becoming a singer. A degree in music can take an individual’s career in directions they may have not thought possible.

Take for example a person who recognizes that the healthcare industry is booming and likely to remain so with all of the retiring baby boomers, and military personnel coming home with injuries from war; this person may decide that a career in music therapy is for them. A music therapist helps those with learning disabilities, individuals experiencing post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, those with psychiatric disorders, and those with hearing or speech impediments. By combining their love of music and interest in people they are helping our society to become well again.

For those who love to write and also love music there are several different avenues towards a rewarding career. Besides songwriting, one could write jingles for commercials, transcribe performances onto musical scores, or become an arranger of musical composition.

If one finds that they like being in charge and directing people a career in management could be a lucrative path. A booking agent is one who finds and books “gigs” or jobs for musical performers. This individual must possess excellent communication skills as they will be dealing with the artist or their manager, the performance venue management, and will also need to make contacts within the industry itself. The same types of skills are needed for a concert promoter and a personal manager.

If the law is of interest becoming an attorney specializing in the music industry may be the path to take. An entertainment attorney will need to know entertainment and copyright law as well as being able to deal with the talent which can be challenging at times.There are different fields within entertainment law; music, sports, and film and television. One who wishes to specialize in the music industry will need to know how to deal with contract negotiations, record labels, publishers, booking agents and the like.

Someone who enjoys listening to various types of new music available might want to consider the career of an A&R (artist & repertoire) coordinator. This person will visit clubs, listen to demo tapes, watch new performers and seek out new talent for their company to sign.

The world of music entertainment is a large one and growing all the time. The careers available to those with a degree in music are wide and varied; all it takes is the drive and ambition (and a bit of research) to get a person where they want to go.